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Amazon and Element Skateboarding for beginners and intermediates
Wed 4th October - Thu 5th October
Akcent Skateboarding
09:30 am - 11:30 am
NZ$69.00 (2 days)
Victoria Park Skate Park Auckland
80 Beaumont Street, Auckland
Special Instructions
Please bring lunch/snacks, a drink and wear suitable clothing( raincoat and or sunscreen). Please bring a modern skateboard that is at least 32 inches and has free rolling wheels. Skateboard, Helmets are compulsory and pads are recommended if you have them.
Who's Attending?
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Ari O'Connell
Art Koller-Hall
Jackson Muckleston
Jackson Muckleston
James Candish
Jasper Stevenson
Julian Stevenson
Katie Anderson
Lachlan Purvis
Lachlan Tod
Lily Rupapera
Nina Koukine
Solomon Nash
Toni Ding
Zara Blakey
Zara Muckleston
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