Building a strong foundation for your child

Early learning enables children to develop a love for learning at a young age. It has a great impact on their lifelong education and will also help develop a strong and independent individual whose focus is on making the most of their learning capabilities.

You want to ensure that the child has a strong foundation in learning. It is important that they are educated at the right early learning center.


Why consider sending your child to an early learning center in North Ryde

The ability which a child develops is fascinating to watch. They learn because they consider the words and the sound as a part of their everyday life. There are certain patterns they learn which enable them to read on a daily basis. The teachers at the early learning center ensure that your child is immersed in language and literary experiences. They are read books and they are read to on a daily basis.

Children are also encouraged to keep a record of all their thoughts and experience is. They can do so in a personal journal or they may talk to the teachers about it. They imbibe everything from the surrounding. The children are encouraged to note down whatever experience they have and it becomes a part of who they are and how it will reflect on their future learning as well.

Numercay is an important early childhood learning skill. It is much more than just being able to count and and repeat a number. Instead the teachers focus on enquiry based learning and the numbers are made to be an everyday part of the children’s life. For example children are asked to count how many children are present in the class today and how many wheels are there on a bus. They will count the number of bowls and whether they are enough for all the children. What will happen if some of those are taken away. Although, it might not seem like a big deal but it is one of the simplest and the easiest ways of ingraining math in the child’s mind.

The children are also made to understand abstract concepts and symbols and they are provided with activities which teach them problem solving and flexible thinking. The natural theory of learning is that children are encouraged and they are helped to develop important enquiry and investigation skills. Teachers talk to the children in a reasoning manner and the children are encourage to talk and then also evaluate what they have learnt.


Parents are an important part of the early learning center in North Ryde

Research has shown that when parents have an open and collaborative relationship with the teachers it would have a positive impact on the child learning abilities. Children are more positive in their preschools and are more robust when they perceive that their teachers and parents are working with their best interest at heart.

For more information on learning curriculum at the early learning center, make sure that you speak with the professional teachers at 360 Early Education North Ryde.



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